Resources and Support Graduate Resource Guide

Penn provides a wide range of resources designed to enrich your graduate experience and support the many different dimensions of your wellness, including emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and financial. See these and other resources to help you thrive in graduate school below. 

New & Incoming Students

Welcome to Penn! 
The Grad Center is committed to helping new graduate and professional students as they transition to life at Penn. Explore the resources below to learn more. 

Academic Policies and Support

It's integral that you feel academically supported; Penn fosters such wellness by promoting academic growth and encouraging career development.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

We hope that all graduate and professional students at Penn are able to take advantage of the many activities and resources available to them. In addition to the general resources and programs listed on our site, Penn offers a number of programs and resources to foster inclusion, equity, and intellectual growth for graduate students. 

Engagement & Wellness

The Graduate Student Center believes that student health and well-being are at the center of academic and personal success. We encourage you to become involved within the Penn and Philadelphia community and to connect with resources on campus if you need guidance or support. 

Funding and Finances

Pursuing a graduate or professional degree is an important investment in your future and can also be a significant investment of your time and money. Whether you're living on a budget or relying on external funding, the financial decisions you make during graduate school can have an impact for years to come.

Our Graduate Funding and Finances page provides information and resources to help you identify funding opportunities and make more informed financial decisions as you pursue your degree. 

Funding for student organizations and events can be found on our Graduate Student Groups page

Help and Support

Need Assistance?

The Graduate Student Center is here to help you navigate the many resources at the University. Any graduate or professional student experiencing an issue or unsure where to turn can contact us for guidance. Dr. Meredith Wooten, the Grad Center's director, is available to meet with students individually by appointment. 

The University's HELP Line 215-898-HELP (4357) is a 24-hour-a-day phone number for members of the Penn community who are seeking time sensitive help in navigating Penn’s resources for health and wellness.

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