Graduate Grants

The Graduate Grants Office coordinates with programs and organizations across campus to administer individual graduate student grants funded through the General Fee, as well as selected need- and merit-based grants funded through the Office of the Provost. 

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Student Group Individual Grant Programs

Individual student grants offered by graduate student organizations at Penn and funded through the General Fee.  Apply here |  Reimbursement details here

Provost Office Individual Grant Programs 

Individual student grants and awards sponsored by the Office of the Provost and administered through different University offices, including the Graduate Grants Office. 

Other Grant and Fellowship Programs 

Information about external grants and fellowships offered by private foundations, government agencies, and corporations, as well as selected major internal fellowship competitions. 

Graduate Funding & Finances 

Information and resources to help you identify funding opportunities and make more informed financial decisions as you pursue your degree. 

Student Group and Event Funding

Information about funding for student organizations and events 

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Contact / Questions

Program-Specific Questions  

Questions about a specific grant program details and guidelines should be directed to the sponsoring office or organization using through the program contacts and websites listed above. 

University policies and procedures 

Questions about University policies and procedures related to individual grants can be submitted to the Graduate Grants office by emailing