Writing Groups

Need motivation to write? Having trouble reaching your writing goals on time? Joining a writing accountability group may help!

Whether you’re working on a dissertation, journal article, or other writing project, forming a group with other students working on writing projects is a great way to help one another make progress and meet deadlines, by providing accountability and encouragement along the way.

Check out our resources for existing writing groups or fill out the group matching form below and we will help connect you with a writing group or partner! 

This program is for current Penn graduate and professional students only. Others are welcome to use the writing group resources below, however we do not have capacity to match or support faculty or postdoc writing groups. 

Join or Register a Writing Accountability Group

To sign up for or register your writing group, please use one of the following Peer Accountability Group forms: 

Accountability Group Registration Form
Use this form to register a group you have established 

Peer Writing Accountability Group Matching Form (Form will be active when registrations open)
Submit this form to be matched with a new or existing accountability group.

We conduct two rounds of matching each semester, please submit a form by the deadlines below and attend a Writing Accountability Group Introductory Workshop (workshops will run before semester matching deadlines) to be matched (or re-matched) with a WAG. 

Matching Deadlines Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer 
Semester matching deadline  September 30 January 30 June 1 
Mid-Term matching deadline November 1 March 15 July 1