Alumni Resources

The Grad Center recommends the following resources for alumni and graduating students.

Career Services

Penn’s Career Services offers alumni several ways in which they can connect with each other and current students. QuakerNet offers alumni the opportunity to share their experiences with other alumni and undergraduate, graduate, and professional students interested in similar careers. There are also several Penn alumni groups on LinkedIn representing a variety of industries and career fields.

Regional Networking Groups on Facebook: Those of you who are moving to a new location after graduation or for the summer may want to join Penn Career Services' Regional Network Groups on Facebook. These groups are dedicated to sharing housing resources (or simply networking) for the major metropolitan areas in the U.S. (as well as international groups) among Penn students and alumni. If you currently live or want to move to one of these areas, we encourage you to join and help your fellow Quakers.

Survey of Graduating Students

Career Services emails Career Plans Surveys to new degree recipients a few weeks after graduation. The survey will take just a few minutes to fill it out and helps provide critical information about salary and job market trends that is useful to current students. Don't worry—your personal details will not be shared with others. If you already know what you're doing after graduation, please consider completing the survey now online. If you don’t have a job lined up yet, please wait to fill out the survey until we contact you in July. Career Services offers appointments to alumni – if you are still seeking employment after graduation, contact them.

Information for Recent Graduates

The University's Commencement Ceremony is open to friends and family, as well as the entire Penn community. Get more information about University Commencement here.

If you graduate in May, your Penn Student Health Insurance plan will expire on July 31. Recent graduates may be eligible for a special enrollment period to get Marketplace insurance outside the yearly open enrollment period.

Stay Connected to the Graduate Student Center

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Whenever you're on campus, we encourage you to visit the Graduate Student Center (3615 Locust Walk). You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Support Us

The Grad Center is currently supported with graduate student fees and additional funds from the University. Your donation can free up University funds to support other initiatives, such as stipends and classroom maintenance. You can make a gift online in any amount through Penn's online giving website; be sure to click on the Graduate Student Center Gift Fund. Or, send a check payable to "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" to:

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Stay Connected to Penn

Penn's Office of Alumni Relations can help you stay connected through MyPenn, regional alumni clubs, alumni publications, alumni e-mail addresses, education and travel programs, and more. And if you haven't already done so, register for MyPenn, the online alumni community!

Join Your Regional Penn Alumni Club

Penn Alumni Regional Clubs connect thousands of alumni with one another through hundreds of events each year. This global network of alumni communities organizes a variety of opportunities for alumni to engage with each other and the University; including social, educational, community service, and cultural events. Enjoy a happy hour with fellow Quakers in your region, hear exclusive lectures from Penn administrators and faculty, or give back to your own local community through your Penn Alumni Regional Club!