2019-20 Cohort VanJessica Gladney

PhD student, History
School of Arts & Sciences

VanJessica Gladney is a first-year graduate student pursuing a PhD in History at the University of Pennsylvania. She was a Patterson Graduate Fellow for the 2019-2020 term. She serves as a co-President for the William Fontaine Fellowship Society and the Digital Historian for the Penn & Slavery Project. - Her interests in United States History focused on the theory of Constitutional Originalism, with a special focus on James Madison's position in scholarship. - In another project, she combined her interest in Public History with Transnational History, by studying various museums and their methods of presenting the history of slavery to the general public. - She is currently researching streetcar segregation legislation implemented in southern cities during the late-nineteenth-century. This project will focus on African American women serving as domestic workers in white homes, and the ways in which their labor impacted discriminatory legislation.

Website: http://pennandslaveryproject.org/

Last updated: August 2020


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