2020-21 Cohort Maxine Calle

PhD student, Mathematics
School of Arts & Sciences

Maxine Elena Calle is a first year PhD student in Mathematics, a 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and a Calabi scholar. Hailing from a small beach town in San Diego, CA, she received her BA from Reed College in Portland, OR, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. She plans to focus on topics in geometry and topology, examining questions like "How can we think of two spaces as `the same' without a fixed notion of distance?". Maxine is also committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and anti-racist mathematical community, in which any person who wants to be a mathematician, can. To balance her academic life, she enjoys making art, playing music, and practicing aerial acrobatics.

Website: web.sas.upenn.edu/callem/

Last updated: August 2020


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