2020-21 Cohort Jacqueline Mae Wallis

PhD student, Philosophy
School of Arts & Sciences

Jacqueline Mae Wallis (she/her/hers) is a queer, Latinx philosopher-scientist from the Pacific Northwest. Jacqueline Mae's research primarily engages with philosophy of the life sciences, and she has further interests in social justice and ethics. Previously, Jacqueline Mae worked as a research technician at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, USA, where she also did advocacy work for underrepresented and self-identified minority scientists at the center.
Jacqueline Mae's present interests in the philosophy of biology are mate choice and sexual selection (the topic of her MA dissertation), microbiome science and holobionts, and general puzzles in philosophy of science as manifested in biology (e.g. idealization in biology).
In ethics and justice, she is concerned broadly and trying to learn always. Jacqueline Mae's first philosophy publication applies social philosopher Elizabeth Barnes's value-neutral model of disability to a case in reproductive ethics.
In life, Jacqueline Mae enjoys reading, riding my bicycle, and looking at nature things.

Website: philosophy.sas.upenn.edu/people/jacqueline-mae-wallis


Last updated: September 2020