2019-20 Cohort Chrissy Quattro

PhD student, City and Regional Planning
Weitzman School of Design

Chris(sy) is a PhD student in City and Regional Planning with a focus in Zoning Law and Development Regulation. From San Antonio, TX, they found their passion for Planning while serving as the Director of Development and City Planning for the City Council of San Antonio, District 1 across three terms. They are currently serving as the Vice President of Student Life for Wellness for the Weitzman School's Student Council. They previously studied at SUNY Oswego (undergraduate) and Binghamton University (graduate). They have also served as the Director of Student Affairs for the Southwest School of Art and as a Program Director for multiple supplemental education programs from 2009-2017. In their spare time, they pursue acrobatics and theater, having invested in both for over 25 years.

Last updated: August 2020 


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