Peer Accountability Groups

**Peer Accountability Groups are temporarily suspended while we make changes to improve the program. Keep an eye on this page and our newsletter for the re-launch later this year**

Whether you're working on a long-term project, writing a dissertation, trying to maintain healthy habits, or want connect with others with similar goals, forming an accountability group with other students is a great way to help one another stay motivated and make progress towards reaching your goals, by providing accountability and encouragement along the way.

We encourage students to form groups on their own or to request our help connecting with a group that fits your interests and goals. We add all groups to the Penn Grad Accountability Groups MS Teams page, where we provide space and resources to help you stay engaged and focused on meeting your goals. The Grad Center also provides prizes and incentives for those groups who regularly check in and record progress online! 

This program is for current Penn graduate and professional students only. Those interested in joining a writing group or participating in the Penn Weekly Writing Challenge can learn more on our Thesis and Dissertation page.

Getting Started

Peer Accountability Group Matching Form 
Submit this form to be matched with a new or existing accountability group 

Accountability Group Registration Form 
Use this form to register a group you have established 


About Peer Accountability Groups

An accountability group is a small cluster of people who share their goals and support each other in reaching them. The group meets regularly to share their goals for the coming week, to report on their progress from the week before, and to offer support to other members in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

It is a simple, yet incredibly effective tool.

People join accountability groups to achieve all kinds of goals, including:

  • dissertation research and writing
  • finishing a project or long-term assignment
  • creative projects and hobbies
  • building meditation and mindfulness habits
  • managing or stopping bad habits
  • sustaining civic and community engagement
  • . . . and many other goals!


Peer accountability groups rely on the power of peer pressure and external accountability to help you stay motivated on a long-term goal. Sharing your goals with others as part of a group creates external accountability, while also creating opportunities to gain support from others working on similar goals, share successes and struggles, and learn from one another in a small group setting. 

During a period of remote work and social distancing, virtual peer accountability groups also provide extra social connection and support that many of us would normally find by running into people on campus.